The treatment after wet coating can be roughly classified into two types depending on the liquid to be coated: 1) hot air drying only, and 2) hot air drying + UV curing. We mainly provide UV curing equipment.

Hot air drying equipment


To ensure uniform temperature distribution in the furnace space and on the substrate surface, we respond to customer needs by simulating the substrate material, shape, processing volume, and purpose, and by designing a structure that makes full use of our accumulated know-how.

Handytype UV cure


UV curing is a technology in which UV-curable resins, adhesives, paints, resists, etc. are instantly cured by photo-polymerization reaction through irradiation of UV light (250 nm to 450 nm) emitted from a lamp. Compared to conventional thermal drying, these UV curing technologies take an overwhelmingly short time to cure and dry, and dramatically reduce the amount of solvents and other materials used, thus demonstrating their characteristics in terms of "energy saving," "space saving," and "environmental friendliness.

Desktop batch type UV cure


Drawer-type tabletop batch type. There is no leakage of UV light, and UV curing can be performed easily and safely.

Ideal as a testing machine before introducing mass-production equipment or as a small-lot production device.

Desktop conveyor type UV cure


This is a compact type with conveyor functions for desktop use. It is ideal as a testing machine before introducing mass-production equipment or for small-lot production.

This single device can use high-pressure mercury lamps and metal halide lamps that match the characteristics of the resin.