We will introduce examples and products based on our past achievements according to your application, purpose, target coated materials and coating liquids.

One of the characteristics of dip coating is that it can wet-coat objects with complex shapes.

  • Coating can be applied to complex shapes
  • Coating liquid is limited to the amount that adheres to the object's surface (excluding solvents), which reduces running costs.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages.

  • Initial costs are high due to the need for liquid tanks (tanks) in which the object is impregnated and piping for circulation.
  • The opening of the liquid tank (tank) is large, which tends to shorten the life of the coating liquid, such as volatilization.
  • It must always hold some part of the object.

As described above, dip coating is not suitable for all types of coating depending on the shape and surface condition of the coated object and the characteristics of the coating solution.