Pull-up speed of 1μm/sec type


With a wide range of 1μm/sec to 40mm/sec, this best-selling model can be used for research and semi-production equipment for sample shipment.

Model M200 M300
Material of Main body Aluminium(A505)、SUS stainless steel(SUS304)、Polypropylene
External Dimensions of Main body width 300mm
depth 300mm
height 491~702mm
width 404mm
depth 327mm
height 610~902mm
External Dimensions of Control box width 250mm depth 285mm height 167mm
Weight of Main body 15kg 18kg
Weight of Control box 5kg
Processing speed 1μm/sec~40mm/sec(Variable in 1μm/sec increments)
Processing stroke 200mm 300mm
Max. workpiece weight 1kg
Machine cover Option
Number of set points 10 points
Number of Programs 8 programs
Operation Monitor Current Speed、Current Position、Remain Time
Other Functions Emergency Stop、Partitive / Overall Repeat、Manual mode
Power supply used 1φAC100V
Amount of electricity consumed 250VA
Input interfaces Touch Panel

【Field of use】 ※Fields in bold type are those in which the product is used.

Optical Function Electronic Function New Materials Medical
Particle Array(Opal Membrane・Photonic Crystal) Ferroelectric film Foamed metal/ Porous metal Catheters
Solar Cell Insulator layer Organic / Inorganic Hybrid Materials(Alternating Layering・Alternate Adsorption・Nanosheets) Pharmaceutical R&D
Dye-sensitized solar cell、DSC Alignment Film Surface Hardener Coating DNA chip
(Cell culture sheet)
LED Photoresist Materials CNT Microfluidic channels
Photocatalysts LCD Functional Ceramic Materials Biodevice Reactor
Optical Lens OLED Non-woven fabrics etc.
Optical Storage Device
(CD / HDD)
Transparent Conductive Film Prepreg  
Anti-Reflection Coating Fuel Cells Specialty Films  
etc. Hydrogen Separation Membrane Heat Transfer Materials / Heat dissipating materials  
  Nanoimprint Lithography、NIL Filter Material  
  etc. Beverage Container
(PET bottle・Glass bottle)
    Cutting Material