UAX-0405AS / UMX-0405AS

Vibration-isolating table for research dip coating. Specifications to match the size of our equipment.

It is essential for smoother and thicker film formation, excluding vibration around it when operating at very low speeds.



  • The frequency band is optimized for vibration isolation of our dip coaters.
  • The mounting panel is made of stainless steel, so it can be installed in a clean room.
  • The 3-dimensional air spring is used to provide performance equivalent to that of a large vibration-isolation table.
固有振動数 2.2Hz
Natural Vibration Frequency 2.2Hz
固有振動数 3.8Hz
Natural Vibration Frequency 3.8Hz
固有振動数 3.6Hz
Natural Vibration Frequency 3.6Hz

Model UAX-0405AS UMX-0405AS
Natural Vibration Frequency Vertical 1.5~2.5Hz 、Horizontal 3.0~3.8Hz
Vibration Isolation Method Three-dimensional air spring for all directions
Horizontal maintenance method Automatic by mechanical valve(Air supply pressure0.25~0.5MPa) Manual type by hand-pump
Stage SUS stainless steel
Possible weight of the load 100kg
Overall dimensions(mm) W540 D440 H57 W540 D460 H57
Weight of Main body 23kg
Standard accessories φ6mm5mTube・One-touch joint PT1/4 male screw Hand pump・Screwdriver
Option Centralized exhaust system, Compressor None