3D Dip coater F225SY


In addition to the conventional precision dip coating control, self-rotation and θ-axis rotation functions have been added.

The machine can be driven at an angle In the process of pull-up, and can also rotate itself to prevent dripping after lifting.

In addition to flat surface coated material, dip coating conditions can be set for the three-dimensional material.

The operation method is based on the conventional touch panel operation, and parameter settings for θ angle and self-rotation, which tend to be complicated, have been devised to be simple.

Model F225SY
Material of Main body Aluminium(A505)、SUS stainless steel(SUS304)
External Dimensions of Main body W400 D350 H720
External Dimensions of Control box W310 D335 H232
Weight of Main body 20kg
Weight of Control box 5kg
Max. workpiece weight 1kg
Processing stroke 225mm
Up/Down control speed 0.1mm/sec~30mm/sec (Variable in 0.1mm/sec increments)
Rotational speed 5.3rpm~266.7rpm
Θ-axis rotation speed 1°/sec~20°/sec (Variable in 1°/sec increments)
Number of set points 12 points
Number of Programs 8 programs
Others Teaching mode、Monitor function、Emergency Stop
Power supply used 1φAC100V
Amount of electricity consumed 400VA
Input interfaces Touch Panel