Features of Dip Coater

  • Simultaneous coating on both sides
    Coating of both sides of a coated material simultaneously is possible.
  • High efficiency of coating liquid
    Compared to spin coaters and spray coaters, the amount of coating liquid used can be reduced.
  • Coating of complex shapes
    Coating can be applied according to the unevenness of a coated material, such as a mounted substrate.
  • Can be deployed in mass production facilities
  • Excellent cost performance
    Compared to the dry process, its coating process does not require expensive equipment such as vacuum chambers.
  • Easy maintenance
    Maintenance is easy and can be performed on a daily basis.

Features of our dip coater

  • Industry-leading high-spec specifications
    Wide range of settings from ultra-low speed (1nm/sec) to high speed
  • Stable pull-up speed
  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • Display language can be selected from Japanese or English
  • Capable of displaying current speed, position and remaining time
  • Custom-made proposals for experimental and production equipment

Proposal for support

  • Proposal for a series of dip coating processes.
  • Proposal for various chuck jigs to suit special substrate shapes.
  • Proposal for peripheral equipment associated with dipping.