ASUMI GIKEN members have received a number of needs in the past during the introduction process that were not only originally envisioned, and we have proposed systems tailored to the specifications of each customer.

In dip coating, it is important not only the process of dipping a coated material but also to control the temperature and humidity of the liquid tank, and the atmosphere, and vibration measures.

It is also important to consider a system to reduce running costs in dip coating on assumption of a mass production.

The key in dip coating is considering these factors as a series of systems.

Our proposals tailored to our customers' needs are our asset at ASUMI GIKEN, and we will continue to work together with our customers on coating systems tailored to their needs for further innovation.

Evolution has only just begun

Currently, precision dip coating systems are just getting started.

It is attracting attention as an alternative dry process method in upcoming growth areas such as NiL, Fuel cells, LiB, and AR coating.

We will continue to grow by aggressively proposing solutions to growth areas.

From Manufacturer to Solutions Company

ASUMI GIKEN aims to provide a series of services related to wet coating, including not only dip coating but also product provision through joint development of peripheral equipment, cleaning process before coating, heat treatment drying in the post-process, UV curing, and contract coating services.

Please let us know what you would like to achieve.

ASUMI GIKEN will strive together with our customers to solve problems.