Increasing number of companies and researchers seeking low cost / high precision / efficiency

Expanding to a wide range of needs in a wide range of fields by providing increased precision in dip coating and its know-how

Expansion into new markets

Optical Function Electronic Function New Materials Medical
Particle Array(Opal Membrane・Photonic Crystal) Ferroelectric film Foamed metal/ Porous metal Catheters
Solar Cell Insulator layer Organic / Inorganic Hybrid Materials(Alternating Layering・Alternate Adsorption・Nanosheets) Pharmaceutical R&D
Dye-sensitized solar cell、DSC Alignment Film Surface Hardener Coating DNA chip
(Cell culture sheet)
LED Photoresist Materials CNT Microfluidic channels
Photocatalysts LCD Functional Ceramic Materials Biodevice Reactor
Optical Lens OLED Non-woven fabrics etc.
Optical Storage Device
(CD / HDD)
Transparent Conductive Film Prepreg  
Anti-Reflection Coating Fuel Cells Specialty Films  
etc. Hydrogen Separation Membrane Heat Transfer Materials / Heat Dissipating Materials  
  Nanoimprint Lithography、NIL Filter Material  
  etc. Beverage Container
(PET bottle・Glass bottle)
    Cutting Material  

※Dip coating method was adopted as a photocatalyst evaluation test method.
JIS R1703-1
"Fine ceramics - Testing methods for self-cleaning performance of photocatalysts materials - Part 1: Measurement of water contact angle"
Date of Establishment 2007/07/20